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Lesson tasks

Here, you can find all the lesson tasks from my study period as a graphic design student at Noroff School of Technology.

Sub-way Moodle Map

AW0 My Moodle map

The learning management system Noroff is using is called Moodle. It is an extensive system with lots of content and it might be hard to

AW0 Creativity and ideation techniques

I believe it is quite common to make the assumption that in order to be a graphic designer, you have to be good in drawing – you have to be an artist somehow. However, this does not hold true, they say – which makes me very happy for although I find great pleasure in drawing, I’m not very good at it.

AW0 SCAMPER method and McDonald’s

Design is all about problem solving in a visual manner, and you don’t have to be an artist to become a successful graphic designer. However, you need to be creative.

AW01 SCAMPER on a tea spoon

A tea spoon is a small spoon used to stir drinks or eat cake. How can SCAMPER be applied in order to make a tea spoon into something else.

AW03 Expressing meaning with typography

Different types express different moods and feelings, and in this task, I’m going to translate a font and a word into a piece where the typography and the composition ephasizes the word.

AW03 Anatomy of typefaces

The various letterforms in a typeface consists of many parts. All of them have names, which makes up the anatomy of a typeface. By knowing

AW04 Colour theory

Colours are light in different wavelengths, and some of these wavelengths can be perceived by the human eye.

AW05 Brand positioning

 Brand positioning (brand strategy, positioning strategy/statement) is the process of positioning a brand in the mind of their customers. Kotler[1] defines brand positioning as “the

AW05 Branding: the Apple story

Apple Inc (or just Apple with ordinary people) is an American technology company that produces and sells consumer electronics, software and personal computers. Their most

AW05 Understanding Ideals

In this task, I’m going to look at how an established well-known brand employs their brand identity. To do this, I’ve visited their website, nikita.no

AW06 – Customer Profile or personas

Task instructions: Create two consumer profiles for a fictional client. You are free to choose the client and the product. List the things that you think are important to include in a consumer profile and show your research.

AW06 Creating a Mood Board

One of the most useful tools I have found early in the designing process is a moodboard. A mood board is a collage of images,

AW08 – Camera and settings

They say that it is not the gear that makes the photographer, and I guess that’s true. But it does help to have a quality camera and know how to use it.

AW10 Tourist brochure

In this lesson task, the goal was to produce an 8-page brochure for a fictitious travel agency, with images, sensible headings and dummy text.

Aw10 Form and Space

In graphic design (or any design I suppose), the concept of negative and positive space exists. The negative space, or “white space” is empty space,

Aw10 Symmetry/Asymmetry

Symmetry in the design world refers to a spatial relationship between elements, and where the elements reflect eachother horizontally and/or vertically, or are centered within

Aw10 Pace and contrast

In my daily work, I design and implement websites for clients. While I have been working with graphic design, I see that there is a

AW10 Layouts and grids

In this task, I’m going to analyze and trace a grid in printed piece and trace the underlying grid.

CA03 Cook book for eggs

For those of you that doesn’t bother to scroll down to the bottom, here is the pdf file Brief The brief of this project is

AW12 Print preparation

Before sending a document to a printer, there are alot of things that needs to be checked and double checked again.

AW12 Spot Colours and Varnish

This week, we are working with print production and how different colour systems are used in different situations.

CA4 Photography

In order to master the art of photograpy, one must master the camera with settings, lenses and all equipment needed to create the photographs you

AW13-16 – Semester Project 1

In my semester project I chose to make a visual profile and some print material for my business, Hoser og bånd, and applying this in

AW17 Portfolio I

My portfolio can be found online at portfolio.sivhansen.no

LW18 Getting the basics right

The second semester starts with screen based design, such as web pages and apps. As a graphic designer, you don’t need to know how to

CA05 Screen design – sushi menu

In this course assignment, the task was to develop a menu for either a pizza restaurant or a sushi restaurant. I chose the latter. The

AW19 Create a Wireframe

Wireframes can be used to visualize a concept, an idea, a design direction or information with tools from pen and paper to digital wireframes that

AW24 Planning the Structure

In lesson task AW21 Put Thought Into Your Design,I analyzed the requirements for the website where I present Løten as a travel destination. In this

AW26 Market your website

Let’s say I had 10 000 NOK in my marketing budget. Would I use it to marked a website? No. Even though the lesson task

AW27 WordPress

Wordpress is the most used publishing system in the world, with more than 30% of sites on the internet is a Wordpress site.

AW28 Working with WordPress themes

In the WordPress repository, you can find thousands of themes. Some themes are developed for a spesific usage, and some are so-called “multi-purpose themes”. Astra,

AW29 Create a wordpress theme

The task heading is create a WordPress theme, but the task description is to add some functionality to the site. I was quite worried before

AW31 Infographic and brochure

In this project part, the goal is to explore the visual language of a piece and create to coherent designs: one infographic and one brochure

AW32 Branding and Packaging

Everywhere around us are items packed in something. Every item has it’s own set of requirement for the surrounding package, and a package has to

AW33 Point of sales

A point of sales, or a point of purchase as it is sometimes referred to, is how your product is displayed in a sales location

AW33-AW38 Project Exam

In my project exam, I made a website for Ballongfisk Ceramics, yet another business of mine. All my life I have dreamt about being a

AW39 Portfolio

This portfolio is a part of semester 2 of my graphic design course at Noroff School of Technology. It summarizes the work I have done

SBD 3 – MA1 – Basic html

HTML is a markup language that defines the structure of a html document, in which you often find online. The language comprises numerous tag that

SBD 3 – MA1 Semantic html

In html5, many elements have semantic meaning, which makes it easier to understand what the different sections in the html document is about. It also

SDB-3 MA1 Images and links

Images and links are essential in any webpage. What would the world wide web be without the ability to link content together, and how boring

SBD3 MA2 CSS basics

Yet another coding assignment, but this time I get to play with colours and positioning! That I like. The task is to create a website

SBD3 MA2 Styling text

When working with websites and typography, there are three ways to use fonts: All of them have benefits and drawbacks. By using only system fonts,

SBD3 MA3 Layout

This weeks task is to recreate a layout, and so I did. The result The next task was to use flex-box and grids to create

SBD3 CA Hans & Helga burgers

This is the course assignment for Screen Based Design 3 (SBD3 CA). I chose to make a menu for Hans & Helga.

GD4 MA1 Suprematism and Constructivism

In the early 1900, suprematism (1915-1930) and constructivism emerged in Russia. Artist in Russia found their country in turmoil with both WW1 and the Russian Revolution.