AW33 Point of sales


A point of sales, or a point of purchase as it is sometimes referred to, is how your product is displayed in a sales location – a kind of exhibition for your products. The goal is to attract old and new customers to the shelf to see your products and eventually purchase it. Study shows that impulse shopping happens far more often in a shop than online – almost 77% of all questioned respondents had at least one impulse purchase for the last 3 months.

In order to design an effective point of sale, there are several issues to consider:

  • it has to be practical. How many products can fit in (as many as possible is desirable without making the POS feel crowded). How do customers reach your product, is your product of such size that it is heavy to lift etc
  • it has to be positioned in a carefully design location, where most people will see it
  • it has to be design in an eye catching way, yet still adhere to your brand

There are many types of point of sales type, each with their own benefits and properties. For example, if your product is small and is likely to be sold in multiple items at once, a dump bin can be a good choice. If your product is larger, and needs to be displayed in a holistic way, a freestanding sales unit (or a shelf) might be what you need.

This part of the project was the hardest one to design. I know I wasn’t supposed to do that, but I did -using some mockup and redesigned it slightly. The key questions to consider was 1) Will the customers see your product clearly, 2) Does your brand integrate with the brand’s look and feel and 3) Will it persuade customers to buy.

  1. On the shelf, variants of the product are on display. The shelf should probably be higher in order to be able to display even more variants
  2. The shelf has the Curious Canis logo on top. The shelf it self is not branded, which it probably should have been.
  3. I’m not sure if the shelf will convince someone to buy. I believe the competition in the dog food market is hard, and this is just one of MANY brands.

This is what the POS looks like

Point of sales

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