CA4 Photography


In order to master the art of photograpy, one must master the camera with settings, lenses and all equipment needed to create the photographs you want – and so I have done.

Freeze Water

A high shutter speed is required if you want to capture water drops. Small waterdrops require a faster shutter than large water drops. This photo is taken with a Nikon D7500 DX camera and a remote control (in an app), with 10 seconds time delay. I pressed the shut – ter, hurried to put the mobile away and picked up the garden hose and waited for the camera to do it’s things. In the app I used, it is possible to set shutter, ISO and apperture. The white balance is not available, so this is done with auto white balance. It was a beautiful sunny day, so the correct white balance would be around 5500 Kelvin

Freeze Water. Shutter: 1/1000 sek, f4, 90mm 200 ISO

High key

A high/low key photograph is a photo where the main characteristics in low contrast, and some elements that stands out. This image is taken in Elverum where I live, a winter day in February. There is snow in the air, and the moist from the river is freezing in the air and making the scenery even whiter. The contrast element here are the small pine forest in the front. They are different than the whiteness of the photo.

High key. 1/200, f18, 80 mm, 9000 ISO


This image is taken with a Nikon D7500 DX camera, with a remote control on my mobile phone. The concept of contrast can be almost anything that makes sence. In this photo, I have tried to capture the contrast between light and darkness. The setup was an almost complete dark room and a small, intense light comming from my right. The light was angled in such a way that only half my face was lit up. I used a

Contrast 1/60 f 1.4 50mm ISO100

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