AW21 Put Thought Into Your Design #todo

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In this lesson task, I’m going to design a 5 page (not code. Yet) a website for a place of interest, for example my home town or another place. I choose Løten, where I live. Løten is a small municipality between the much larger Elverum and Hamar. Almost 5500 people live here, and it is the birth place of Edvard Munch – the famous Norwegian painter.

The pages I want is

  1. Front page
  2. About Løten
  3. Things to see in Løten
  4. Things to do in Løten
  5. How to get here

When developing a website (or anything, I’d say), it is important to keep some key questions in mind:

  1. What is the goal of the project
  2. Who is the intended audience
  3. How does your brand communicate
  4. What problems should this project solve
  5. How do you measure success
  6. Even though the design is done, there is always room for improvement

Earlier I created a list of questions to ask when starting a new project with clients. The list is a compilation of questions Noroff find important and the ones I use on my client projects.

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