AW21 Put Thought Into Your Design #todo


In this lesson task, I’m going to design a 5 page (not code. Yet) a website for a place of interest, for example my home town or another place. I choose Løten, where I live. Løten is a small municipality between the much larger Elverum and Hamar. Almost 5500 people live here, and it is the birth place of Edvard Munch – the famous Norwegian painter.

The pages I want is

  1. Front page
  2. About Løten
  3. Things to see in Løten
  4. Things to do in Løten
  5. How to get here

When developing a website (or anything, I’d say), it is important to keep some key questions in mind:

  1. What is the goal of the project
    The goal of the project is to show Løten and its surroundings to anyone interested. Løten is a beautiful place that no-one knows about.
  2. Who is the intended audience
    The intended audiences are both people who live here, people who wants to live here and visitors.
  3. How does your brand communicate
    Løten as a brand is very excited with the notion that the painter, Edward Munch was born here. The famous painter spent many summers on the farm in which his familiy lived and many of his paintings are inspired by the surroundings of Løten. The colour palette of Edvard Munch can be used to describe Løten.
  4. What problems should this project solve
    The problem this website is supposed to solve is how to get Løten out in the world for those who are intersted. Løten is a small place that nobody have heard of. Almost everybody knows of Hamar and Elverum, but little Løten is unknown.
  5. How do you measure success
    Success would best be measured by counting real visitors to the municipality. However, this is difficult to count (for me) so website visitors will suffice. Visitors can be measured with Google Analytics.
  6. Even though the design is done, there is always room for improvement
    No website is ever finished, and there is always room for improvement. There are many ways to discover what to improve: usertesting, user statistics, changed needs from the organization, etc.

Earlier I created a list of questions to ask when starting a new project with clients. The list is a compilation of questions Noroff find important and the ones I use on my client projects.

What does your business do? This website is not for a business, but if one treat Løten, the place, as a business, the business makes Løten great, to show all Løten has to offer and to make people want to live here or visit the place.
Who are your competitors (and how do you differ from them)? Løten is located between two larger cities, Elverum and Hamar, and will always be their little brother. In order to attract citisens, Løten should emphazise the small village feeling.

Why do you need a website? To make Løten great (again?), to make people want to visit or even better – move to Løten.
Who is interested in your product or services? People who are visiting this area. There are plenty of things to see in both Hamar and Elverum. Why not make a pit stop in Løten
For your primary persona, what is the most important product or service? What to see here and to explore Løten. See the diversity and share scale of what this little place has to offer.
Which task should your users be able to solve on your site? Get to know Løten, to find it and get er
Name sites you like and why? Visit Innlandet, Hamarregionen reiselivsutvikling.
Are there a visual profile that describes how your business should communicate? If not, are you planning on developing one? No visual profile, but Løten is the birthplace of Munch and his colour palette might be suitable for the site
How are you planning to address maintenance and website updating? N/A
What is your MVP? The 5 pages in the sketches
What is the project time line horisont? Do you have personell to handle this schedule? Deadline Junen 10th
What is the project budget? As low as possible, but with quality
How will your website relate to all other touchpoints your business have? No other touchpoints
Do you have content, as in images, text, graphics and video or is this developed during the project? If not, who will create this? No imagery or texts exists. Lorem Ipsum is fine for MVP.
Does your website need to collect information about your visitor? No personal information is gathered
Is there a live website that needs to be kept active while the new website is developed? Where will this new site be installed? New install
Who is the contact person for this project? Will this person be available during the project? Yes.

In order to do this website, I need to gather text and take images to describe Løten.

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