Note to self: LW18 checklist and questions

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When starting any web project, there are a lot of information that is required in order to “get things right”. Noroff presents a list of 10 questions (some of them contains more than one question, so it is actually a bigger list). Anyway, I have made my own. Both list are superficial. This is especially true for the questions regarding users, but it is a good starting point to the subject.

The “ideal” list is a mix of my questions and a few from Noroff’s list., marked in bold. Some of the questions are overlapping. These are marked as strike-through in the Noroff List.

Noroff ListMy list
What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website?What does your business do?
Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them?Who are your competitors (and how do you differ from them)?
Why do you need a website?
What actions do you want your visitors to take on the site?Who is interested in your product or services?
What is your deadline for completing the site? What is the budget?For your primary target group, what is the most important product or service?
What features should be used on your website?Which task should your users be able to solve on your site?
Name 3 sites you like and why?Are there a visual profile that describes how your business should communicate?
Who is the contact person for this project?How are you planning to address maintenance and website updating?
What do you not want on your site in terms of text, content, and graphic elements?What is your MVP
Who will be responsible for maintaining the website?What is the project time line horisont
What is the project budget
How will your website relate to all other touchpoints your business have

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