LW18 – the good, the bad and the ugly


In this task, I have compiled a list of 10 websites I concider good and 10 bad ones, with a comment on why for each.

The good

GoogleGoogle is a business that comprises many services, and their search engine is vividly used and known for people around the globe. What I like about the google search engine page is that is is all about one single task: search. The interface is not cluttered with anything else. One task and one task only.
Okse UX og designbyråOkse is a UX and design agency in Stavanger area. I like the clean interface with lots of white space. It has easy navigation and they don’t try to tell you everything at once. The colour scheme is nice too.
YggdrasilkonferansenYggdrasilkonferansen is a yearly conference for people like me (UX and webdesigners). It has been cancelled due to Covid-19 twice now, but I hope it will reappear next year. Anyway. The front-page is easy to understand, and their conference program is in an easily understood layout. Yggdrasil is my favourite conference and I recommend it for everybody that is interested in usability.
DevoldDevold is a Norwegian producer of wool clothing for all types of usages. They have an online store at devold.no. This webshop is easy to navigate in and has beautiful, inspiring images all over.
PilgrimsledenI bumped into this website while working with a client’s website, and I fell in love with it right away. It has a beautiful layout with lots of room for breathing, really nice pictures and a clear intent of what the website is for: namely planning for your hike on one of the many roads to Trondheim.
Prana Yoga StudioWhile working on a demo for a client of mine, I found this site. It is clear what the most important user of this site is: the exisiting client looking for the yoga schedule. Secondary is any non-member.
Munch i LøtenThis is the website that is made to showcase the life and work of the famous painter Edvard Munch in Løten. The website is clean and

The bad and the ugly

Lms.noroff.noMoodle is the LMS of Noroff, and for me it is a super confusing website. I cannot locate anything with ease, and the interface is cluttered with elements I don’t need and don’t care for.
https://arngren.net/I’m not sure if this website is a joke or not, but it has been around for a long time. When I was a student, it was used as an example on what not to do. The interface is cluttedered and not prioritized. Everything is competing for attention and it is really hard to locate the navigation between all the products. I had to check if this is a real business, and it is: in 2019 they handled products for almost 800 000 NOK.
Scandinavianphoto.noI have visited this webpage on several occations in order to shop photography equipment. The page in general is not that bad, but the filters on their shopping pages are a disaster. For example, their filter for apperture is more than 50 elements long, and many of them are overlapping. Here they should have used a range filter instead, with the ability to fine-tune the filter so that if you are only interested in f1.4, you can get only that
NetlifeNetlife is a digital agency that has been around forever. I used to love everything they did, but not anymore. Their website is really simple, but requires you to click at least once in order to understand what they are and what they do. If you don’t know Netlife, their front-page will certainly not tell you that.
IkeaThe Ikea website is very confusing. I’m not sure if the intent of the website is to make me shop or be inspired. It is hard to find products, their internal search engine is really bad and their product filters are even worse.

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