Aw10 Symmetry/Asymmetry


Symmetry in the design world refers to a spatial relationship between elements, and where the elements reflect eachother horizontally and/or vertically, or are centered within a frame. Symmetry is associated with tradition, order and rationality, says our text book. I would add harmony too (perhaps order is a term that can contain harmony and harmony related words).

As an opposite to symmetry, there is asymmetry, where the elements do not reflect eachother – neither in spatial relationship or size. Asymmetry brings tention and movement into a design.

I have created 5 pages with sketches on symmetry/asymmetry

In this sketch, the first square contains one square in the middle. It is horisontally and vertically equally spaced on all 4 sides. On the next, two squares are equaly spaced from the middle. On the bottom left, the two squares are slightly to the right in the frame. This creates asymmetry and tension. The same applies to the 4th square.
In this sketch, we see squares and rectangles that are entering left and moves to the left. This is done by having the elements on the left side of the frame.
In this sketch, movevemtn is to the right and upwards. This is made the same way as left movement sketches.
In this sketch, there are two very distinct expressions. In the first, there is tension with elements moving downwards. In the last two, there is balance and harmony with elements that reflect eachother on the horizontal and vertical asis.
In the last sketch, tension is created by rotating one square. In the last two examples, I created asymmetry by scale.

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