AW01 SCAMPER on a tea spoon

A tea spoon is a small spoon used to stir drinks or eat cake. How can SCAMPER be applied in order to make a tea spoon into something else.

In the SCAMPER method, you evaluate an object thoroughly to find changes that can be applied to transform the current object to a new one. A tea spoon is a small spoon used to stir drinks or eat cake. How can SCAMPER be applied in order to make a tea spoon into something else.

In my 3-in-1 cutlery set for outdoor living weight chasers, I substituted the material with lightweight titan to become more attractive to the lightweight hunters in the outdoor community. Then I modified the spoon shaft to become longer so that you could reach to the bottom of a Real Turmat, and combined it with threads in one end to be able to attach the spoon bowl – with the result that I put the tea spoon in other use by providing an attachable fork and knife. In one tool, you now have a spoon, a knife and a fork.

This product’s Persona is Frida Friluftselsker. She is a woman who loves outdoor living and she is doing hikes in the mountains on a regular basis. She often spend the night in her tent, and then she doesn’t want to carry more than necessary. Frida would use the word “Gram Weenie” do describe herself – a person who goes to extreme lengths to shave off every last bit of weight they must carry. 

There are other ways to alter the spoon: modify by material and substitute the spoon’s common material with something else, you get a different spoon – for example a teaspoon made of instant tea: the spoon is the flavour in your drink and the spoon is your drink. You put your tea spoon in a cup and pour on some water and then stir. After a while the spoon is dissolved and your drink is ready. Combine with heat sensitive material that changes colors in touch with heat, so that you know when your food is the perfect eating temperature. Modify the shape of the scoop to a more flat and wider shape, so that you can also use it as a spatula. If you lengthen the shaft and makes it more pointy, you can put it in other use as hair decoration, the same way as these women are using knitting needles in their hair.

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