AW32 Branding and Packaging


Everywhere around us are items packed in something. Every item has it’s own set of requirement for the surrounding package, and a package has to be design around what it is containing. For example, if your item is a liquid, it would be stupid to try to wrap it in paper. The package should reflect what’s inside too. If the product’s key selling points are green and environmentally friendly, the package cannot be a non-recyclable material. If your item is food, certain requirements apply too, in order to adhere to food safety rules. All packages must also have room for a bar code of some sort, where information about the product, for example price, is stored.

The package for the dog food product from Curious Canis is designed to be a bag with a front and back, and two sides. The lower part of the elements are intended to act as bottom and top, and the container is glued and then sealed.

The idea of the colour band is that for different variants of the product, the colour changes, so when you are used to a certain product, you can identify it by colour and not rely on text. This is making the shopping experience for the customer better.

Package 4 art boards

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